Back to School Cleaning: 5 Tips and Tricks! 



As your children are returning to school this year, you should clean your home to make the process easier for everyone. Here are some tips and tricks that other parents recommend for cleaning your home.


Cleaning Trick 1: Getting Rid of Clutter


Before your children return to school, it is time to get organized by getting rid of the clutter in a home. Begin with each child’s bedroom so that your daughter or son can get ready for school faster. One of the best ways to clean a room is by removing all of the furniture from the space. You should also take everything out of the closet. Remember that you and your children will only put things back into the closets or bedrooms when the items are necessary. This leads to getting rid of stacks of clothing that no longer fit along with last year’s school newsletters and homework assignments.


Cleaning Trick 2: Washing the Ceilings and Walls


The walls and ceilings of a home become dirty from dust, cooking oils and other debris, so washing the surfaces is essential. You can climb on a ladder to wash the ceilings and higher areas of the walls while your children work on the lower sections of the walls along with the baseboards. Use a mild cleanser that is nontoxic but that has a pleasant odor to remove the dirt from the ceilings and walls.


Cleaning Trick 3: Washing Bedding, Throw Rugs and Draperies


While you are washing the ceilings and walls, you can wash a bedroom’s draperies, throw rugs and bedding to eliminate any debris. This gives you a chance to clean the window panes, curtain rods and windowsills. You can also remove the window screens to wash the items outside with a garden hose.


Cleaning Trick 4: Organizing Storage Systems


Remove the garments and other things from a chest of drawers so that you can remove the debris from the item. Fold and organize socks, sweaters and pajamas carefully in each drawer. In addition, sort through the things that are stored in a desk to organize your notebooks, pens and pencils. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust and fingerprints from the outside of the furniture. Place garments on hangers in a closet, and also, use the shelves for the storage of shoes, sporting gear or toys.


Cleaning Trick 5: Shampooing the Carpets


Contact a professional carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, FL for carpet cleaning so that the stains and allergens are removed from the fibers. A technician can complete this household cleaning task quickly using the proper cleansers for each type of carpet’s fibers. In only a few hours, the carpets are sanitized, and with proper air circulation, the fibers will dry quickly.