Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs date back thousands of years and are hand knotted textiles that can vary in size, weave, color and design. The rugs are a great accent to any house and can add style to any room of the house.  Rug Gallery Flooring – Indianapolis
Anyone who is interested in style and cost effect should purchase an oriental rug because they last a lifetime. The difficult way in which they are woven gives them long lasting durability. Authentic oriental rugs are made with natural high quality wool. Depending on your tastes some rugs can come woven with a Persian knot, Turkis Double Knot or Jufti Knot. Also oriental rugs increase in value over time.

These rugs are always in style no matter your style or color choice. Some may enjoy the Aubusson oriental rug that comes in pastel colors and is full of floral patterns. Bokhara has very soft jewel tones and pictures a pattern that repeats itself. This rug will create more a structural look. An oriental rug that has more of a Bohemian look is the Chobi Rug. Chobi or Peshawar rugs are full of earth tones and usually has one color fading to different shades. Gabbeh Rugs have rich dark colors and use geometric shapes and would definitely complement a more modern environment.

While the concern for most consumers is style, some are more interested in the back story of their oriental rug. Oriental rugs each have a detailed story that can be told in their colors ,symbols, shapes and or animals. Many oriental rugs that have the colors red and orange together, this is because red means happiness and joy and orange means devotion. Green and Blue oriental rugs tell a story of solitude, truth and the green means paradise. A very popular color to some newly weds are rugs with brown because that color means fertility.

Oriental Rugs are environmentally friendly because they are made from all natural wool. These are great to have in your home because synthetic rugs will release bad allergens and toxins into the air for you and your family to breathe in. Also while being conscious about your environment they are soft to the touch. Oriental Rugs that combine wool with silk are even softer than the ones only containing wool. These isnt a better investment than in a rug that is all natural, can fit with any style of home and lasts a lifetime.